Born and raised in Vancouver, Marilyn Yeo worked in  retail during her teens because she loved clothing. This experience  exposed her to trends, colours, textures, and curating outfits. As a  child, Yeo was always drawn to fashion due to her love of fabrics and  texture. “Even as a child, I wanted to pick my own clothes to wear.  Styling has always been important to me,” she said. Yeo is self-taught  and designed her first garment in 2016. She explained that browsing  through a fabric storeroom is like a candy store. “Once I see the right  fabric, it inspires me and I start to visualise the outfit. Using a  dress form, I begin to bring the picture into reality.”

FSHN Magazine

"Marilyn Yeo stunned with an exquisitely delicate and luxe collection of  feminine gowns. A beautiful open shoulder dress with floral lacework, a  cinched-in waist, and puffed skirting started the soirée. Scintillating  metallics shined like mermaid scales. Shimmering layers of satin and  silk, fringing beadwork, and flower appliqué set an opulent tone, with  models crowned with gold floral headbands like tiaras. "  -  by FSHN Staff -  Photos by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC  


Marilyn Yeo is an emerging designer from Vancouver and will be at the show presenting her work. 


“My collection embraces elegance and structures that complement a  woman's silhouette," said designer, Marilyn Yeo. "It’s a world where  soft and strong colours meet and create a whimsical movement in the  exquisite pieces."

To learn more about her designs, visit Yeo's webpage here.

The event runs from September 18th to the 24th and takes place at the David Lam Hall off Pender Street in Vancouver.